History (31-52,5 Cr), 22.5 credits

Historia (31-52,5 hp), 22.5 hp


Main field of study


Course level

First cycle

Course type

Programme course


Sam Willner

Course coordinator

Sam Willner

Director of studies or equivalent

Lasse Kvarnström
ECV = Elective / Compulsory / Voluntary
Course offered for Semester Weeks Language Campus ECV
L1A79 Secondary School Teacher Programme - Grades 7-9 of the Compulsory School, Subject History, 270 hp (Subjcet: History) 5 (Autumn 2019) 201934-202003 Swedish Linköping E
L1AGY Secondary School Teacher Programme - Upper-Secondary School, Subject History, 300 Credits (Subjcet: History) 5 (Autumn 2019) 201934-202003 Swedish Linköping E

Main field of study


Course level

First cycle

Advancement level


Course offered for

  • Secondary School Teacher Programme with a specialization in Teaching in Grades 7-9 of the Compulsory School
  • Secondary School Teacher Programme with a specialization in Teaching in the Upper-Secondary School


Applies to all courses regardless of grading scale.

  • Students failing an exam covering either the entire course or part of the course two times are entitled to have a new examiner appointed for the reexamination.

If the course has a three-graded grading scale (U - VG), following applies:

  • Students who have passed an examination may not retake it in order to improve their grades.

If the course is a VfU course, the following applies:

  • Examination of applied social and didactic abilities is limited to three (3) occasions.


Three-grade scale, U, G, VG

Other information

Planning and implementation of a course must take its starting point in the wording of the syllabus. The course evaluation included in each course must therefore take up the question how well the course agrees with the syllabus.

The course is carried out in such a way that both men´s and women´s experience and knowledge is made visible and developed.


Institutionen för studier av samhällsutveckling och kultur
Code Name Scope Grading scale
UPS1 Essay, presented at a seminar 9 credits U, G, VG
SME1 Written and oral presentation 7.5 credits U, G, VG
MTN1 Methods 6 credits U, G, VG


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