Educational Sciences 8, Theory and Method, 9 credits

Utbildningsvetenskaplig kärna 8, Teori och metod, 9 hp


Main field of study


Course level

Second cycle

Course type

Programme course


Jonas Nordmark

Course coordinator

Jonas Nordmark, Björn Sjögren

Director of studies or equivalent

Henrik Lindqvist, Åsa Järnvall
ECV = Elective / Compulsory / Voluntary

Main field of study


Course level

Second cycle

Advancement level


Course offered for

  • Primary School Teacher Programme with a specialisation in Teaching in Early Years Classes and Grades 1-3 of the Compulsory School


Three-grade scale, U, G, VG


Institutionen för beteendevetenskap och lärande
Code Name Scope Grading scale
OBL1 Mandatory part 0 credits D
OPPO Opponent 1 credits U, G
RESP Respondent 1 credits U, G
SRE3 Written presentation 3 credits U, G
SRE4 Written presentation 4 credits U, G, VG


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