Master Programme in IT and Management, 120 credits

Masterprogram i IT och management, 120 hp


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Degree of Master of Science (60/120 credits) with a major in Information Systems

Pace of study


Entry requirements

  • A Bachelor’s Degree equivalent to a Swedish Kandidatexamen in one of the following subject areas:
    - Information Systems 
    - Business Administration
    - Cognitive Science 
    - Computer Science
  • English and Swedish corresponding to the level of English and Swedish in Swedish upper secondary education (Engelska 6 and Svenska 3)

    Degree in Swedish

    Filosofie magisterexamen med huvudområdet Informatik, 60 hp,


    Filosofie masterexamen med huvudområdet Informatik, 120 hp.

    Degree in English

    Degree of Master of Science (60/120 credits) with a major in Information Systems

    Semester 1 Autumn 2021

    Semester 2 Spring 2022

    Semester 3 Autumn 2022

    Specialisation: Master
    Course code Course name Credits Level Weeks ECV
    723G54 Business Ethics in a Globalized World 7.5 G1N v202234-202238 E
    723G92 Organization Theory and Analysis 7.5 G1N v202234-202238 E
    722A04 Strategy - Classic and Contemporary Views 15 A1N v202234-202243 E
    722A38 Classic Leadership and Organization Dilemmas 15 A1N v202234-202243 E
    722A51 Entrepreneurship and Organizational Change 15 A1N v202234-202243 E
    725A34 Current Themes in Information Systems - Advanced IT and Management 15 A1N v202234-202303 E
    725G97 Data Structures and Algorithms 7.5 G1N v202235-202243 E
    726A88 Software Testing 6 A1N v202235-202243 E
    729G85 Interaction Design and User Experience 9 G2F v202235-202245 E
    725G64 Software Engineering 12 G2F v202235-202302 E
    725G92 Problem Solving and Programming 7.5 G1N v202235-202302 E
    726A89 Programming Project with Open Source Code 6 A1N v202235-202302 E
    726G77 Programming in C++ 6 G2F v202235-202302 E
    726G82 Advanced Programming in C++ 6 G2F v202235-202302 E
    723G58 Entrepreneurship and Business Development 7.5 G1N v202239-202243 E
    723G94 Leadership across Cultures 7.5 G1N v202239-202243 E
    723G62 Sustainable Business - an ecological perspective 7.5 G1N v202244-202248 E
    723G96 Human Resource Management 7.5 G1N v202244-202248 E
    725G66 Programming in C# and the NET Framework 4 G2F v202244-202302 E
    726A85 Software Entrepreneurship 6 A1N v202244-202302 E
    726G81 Computer Security 6 G2F v202244-202302 E
    722A39 Contemporary International Management Paradoxes 15 A1N v202244-202303 E
    722A41 Innovation and Project Management 15 A1N v202244-202303 E
    733A89 Public Management and Steering in Public Organisations 7.5 A1N v202244-202303 E
    723G66 International Business 7.5 G1N v202249-202303 E

    Semester 4 Spring 2023

    Specialisation: Master — Preliminary courses
    Course code Course name Credits Level Weeks ECV
    725A33 Master Thesis in Information Systems 30 A2E C