Foreign teacher training, ULV, 120 credits

Utländska lärares vidareutbildning, ULV, 120 hp


Teaching language




Pace of study


Entry requirements

    Degree in Swedish

    Lärarlegitimation alternativt svensk lärarexamen.

    Semester 1 Spring 2020

    Semester 2 Autumn 2020

    Semester 3 Spring 2021

    Semester 4 Autumn 2021

    Semester 5 Spring 2022

    Semester 6 Autumn 2022

    Course code Course name Credits Level Weeks ECV
    9FVG10 Perspectives on language grades F-3 7.5 G1X v202234-202243
    9FVG11 Perspectives on language grades 4-6 7.5 G1X v202234-202243
    9KPA05 Social Processes of Teaching 7.5 A1X v202234-202243
    9VA202 School in Society; Its Purpose, Organization and Governance 7.5 G2X v202234-202243
    9VAA09 Educational Assessment in Didacitc Processes 7.5 A1X v202234-202243
    9VAA11 Teaching Practice 3 7.5 A1X v202234-202243
    LULV06 Methods, Concepts and Tools in Educational Sciences 7.5 G2X v202234-202243
    9FVG06 Mathematics education grade F-3 15 G1X v202234-202303
    9FVG07 Mathematics education grade 4-6 15 G1X v202234-202303
    9TV391 General Studies, Interdisciplinary Subjects, Subject Didactics and Teaching Practice 15 v202234-202303
    9ULV01 The Swedish language as a tool for studies and work at school 15 G1X v202234-202303 E
    9VA303 Teaching Practice in Mathematics and Swedish grade 1-6 15 G2X v202234-202303
    9VA404 Thesis at Basis level in Teaching Programme 15 G2E v202234-202303
    9FVG08 Teaching reading and writing grades F-3 7.5 G1X v202244-202303
    9FVG09 Teaching reading and writing grades 4-6 7.5 G1X v202244-202303
    9KPA07 Teaching Special Education Dimensions 7.5 A1X v202244-202303
    9KPA12 The Professional Teacher in a Learning Organization 7.5 A1X v202244-202303
    9VA101 Knowledge and Learning with a Focus on Didactic Processes 7.5 G2X v202244-202303
    9VAA02 Teaching Practice 7.5 G1X v202244-202303
    9VAA10 Teaching Practice 2 7.5 A1X v202244-202303
    9VAA11 Teaching Practice 3 7.5 A1X v202244-202303
    9VAA12 Teaching Practice 4 7.5 A1X v202244-202303
    LULV05 The Professional language in school 7.5 G2X v202244-202303